Project Description

Building Minds With Chess

At the age of one, Pontus Carlsson lost his entire family to Escobar’s reign of terror in Columbia, South America. He was soon thereafter taken in by a Swedish family. At four, his adopted father taught him to play chess. Carlsson went on to represent Sweden in international chess competitions and ultimately earned the title of International Grandmaster. He is the highest-ranking Black chess Grandmaster in the world.

Building Minds With Chess explores how playing the game helps participants improve in math, critical thinking, memory, problem solving and more. It also touches on Carlsson’s organization, Business Meets Chess & Kids, which is a social project that was created to build authentic relationships between the youth of New Orleans and local business leaders. The goal is to build stronger minds in children and create mentorships through the game of chess.

Chess is the most played game worldwide! No matter what your age, gender or socioeconomic status is, you can play chess. Carlsson inspires people of all ages in this short film.

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Produced by: Ken Mask Studios, LLC

Producers: Lisa Batiste, Matt Dillon, Lloyd Watts

Executive Producers: Ken Mask, Greg Ward, Taurus Bailey

Director: Ken Mask

Writer: Ken Mask

Starring: Pontus Carlsson, Rene Phillips, Kenric J. Perkins

Distributor: BIG & Digital, LLC

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