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Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Creatures

Dragons may be objects of fantasy, but why do cultures throughout the world — in very different times and places — share common tales of these larger-than-life creatures?

Join two-time Oscar® Nominee Max von Sydow, Laurence Leboeuf and Serge Houde on an epic journey with centuries-old legends surrounding dragons.

Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Creatures traces the legend of dragons through time, and across cultures and continents, exploring their connections to history, geography, paleontology, literature, art, national identity, and more.

In the film, dragon legends unfold through a conversation between Skye Ingram (Laurence Leboeuf), a young woman troubled by recurring nightmares of dragons, and the peculiar Dr. Alistair Conis (Max von Sydow), a dream therapist of sorts and an expert on dragons.

Dragons explores humankind’s fascination with these fantastic creatures over thousands of years. Dragons appear in some of the worlds’ earliest known writings in ancient Babylon and Greece. They appear on notable architecture, imperial crests, battle armor and national flags throughout the world. In Chinese and other Asian cultures dragons are revered as noble and heroic. In Medieval England, there are stories of massive, winged dragons terrorizing villages and castles, eventually to be slain by heroes.

Director Marc Fafard has applied his experience, knowledge, and attention to scientific and factual accuracy to create a hybrid docu-fictional approach that grabs audience attention, engages them and creates insightful understanding.

*En español: Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Creatures (Dragones: mitos reales y criaturas surreales)

Desde Escandinavia hasta América Central, Asia y el Ártico, los mitos relacionados con los dragones tienen sido parte de la imaginación humana por miles de años. De hecho, los dragones están en el Arte, arquitectura, literatura y ciencia de prácticamente todas las culturas. Las leyendas de siglos que rodean a los dragones, no solo ofrecen historias de heroes, terror, majestad y orgullo nacional, sino que también se relacionan directamente con las normas básicas de artes del lenguaje, tecnologia, ciencia y estudios sociales.

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Starring: Max von Sydow, Laurence Leboeuf and Serge Houde
Production Company: Productions Thalie
Director & Writer: Marc Fafard
Producer: Yves Fortin
Music: Gilles Léveillé
Sound Design: Jérôme Boiteau
Directors of Photography: Francis Hanneman and Sean McLeod Philips
Animation Partners: Studio Élément, Digital Dimension, Frima Studios